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A Programme for the Ecological Transition


Voici la version anglaise du Programme pour la transition.

A Program for the Ecological Transition
Michel Lincourt, PhD
November 24, 2018 / January 25, 2019

Updated November 29, 2018, with respect to the number of signatures on A Pact for the Transition and an addition to the urban agriculture section about beef and pork consumption.

Some time ago, stage director Dominic Champagne and 500 members of Quebec’s entertainment industry released our society’s Pact for the (ecological) Transition. Since then, over 260,000 Quebeckers have signed the pact. I was one of them.

The premise of the Pact is simple. We know our planet is in bad shape. Science tells us that climate change, the depletion of natural resources, and widespread pollution are caused by human activity and that the problem is getting worse by the day. We must take action, and we must do so immediately. The Pact … Pour la suite du texte, cliquez ici »