God is not so well and perhaps not alive in Chicago

Le Chicago Tribune est un excellent journal. Conservateur, mais objectif. Américain jusqu’à la moelle, néanmoins large d’esprit. Voici son credo, publié en 20o7:
« The Chicago Tribune believes in the traditional principles of limited government; maximum individual responsibility; minimum restriction of personal liberty, opportunity and enterprise. It believes in free markets, free will and freedom of expression. These principles, while traditionally conservative, are guidelines and not reflexive dogmas.
The Tribune brings a Midwestern sensibility to public debate. It is suspicious of untested ideas.
The Tribune places great emphasis on the integrity of government and the private institutions that play a significant role in society. The newspaper does this in the belief that the people cannot consent to be governed unless they have knowledge of, and faith in, the leaders and operations of government. The Tribune embraces the diversity of people and perspectives in its community. It is dedicated to the future of the Chicago region. »
Tous les jours, le Tribune envoie des capsules à ses lecteurs. Il y quelques jours, il nous a envoyé celle-ci qui parle de Dieu:

Intitulée Ten God-crushing Videos, cette capsule compile dix petites vidéos qui questionnent l’existance de Dieu.